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Fusion Combinations

  • £5.95
    4. Balti Vegetable Dansak/Balti Spinach Aloo Paneer

    A vegetarian combination with a sweet and hot dansak dish combined with a medium hot cheese and spinach dish.

  • £9.95
    3. Balti King Prawn Jalfrezi/Balti Prawn Bhuna

    A mild bhuna combined with a medium hot chilli flavoured Jalfrezi

  • £6.95
    2. Balti Chicken Jalfrezi/Balti Vegetable Dansak

    A combination featuring a medium hot Jalfrezi with chill together with a hot and sweet Dansak dish

  • £6.95
    1. Balti Chicken Bhoona/Balti Meat Rogan

    A combination of medium hot Bhoona and a hot rogan dish


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